Sweet Nectar for the Ears, Mind and Soul

Just got back from seeing the Five Peace Band, night 2 of our three-shows-in-a-row music orgy, and I am still trying to peel my brains from the roof of my skull.  If Stanton Moore was the king of drums last night, Vinnie Colaiuta is a fucking GOD!  Hell, the whole stage was filled with music gods, each so completely dominent on his own instrument.  The thing about a show like this, with so much individual talent on the stage, is how the chemistry flows between the players. It can run the risk of coming across as sterile and contrived.  Definitely NOT the case tonight.  The musicians looked to be having as much fun as we were, and let me tell you, we were having a blast!  I can’t remember the last time I went to a jazz show that ran 3 and a quarter hours!  They were so loose, dancing and joking around between songs.  But when they were playing… baby were they playing.  They would push each other, complement each other, the chemistry was unbelievable.  They were all great, but man, John McLaughlin (silently shaking my head, unable to find the words).  It is also a treat to see such great musicians enjoying each other’s playing so much, big smiles all around.  It was truely one of those peak musical experiences that I felt privledged to be able to witness.


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