“Letting Go…”

Slowly but surely, I am coming to embrace what “letting go” really means in a more healthy sense.  “letting go” is a phrase I have often seen on my spiritual journey, in many books, and in many teachings.  I am just now beginning to realize why I have always had such a profound struggle with it.  Until this point, I tended to follow my “letting go” with closing.  It was almost a defense mechanism. (I suppose it is inappropriate for me to write about this in the past tense, since I am in the larval stages of grasping this very important concept, and just now allowing it to permeate my awareness.  It can also partly be a bad writing habit – mixing tenses – that I have not been able to shake since grammar school!)  Spiritually speaking, “letting go” relates to nonattachment.  We “let go” by not grasping.  This is applicable to anything and everything in out lives – emotions, thoughts, people, material objects, etc.  Attachment, afterall, leads to suffering.  Where I personally  miss the big picture is how I follow my “letting go.”  As I stated before, I close down.  I shut down.  Could it be self-protection?  Sure.  But from what, I don’t know.  Disappointment, rejection, fear, insecurity?  All possibilities.  What I am finally starting to get is that “letting go” actually creates an opening, a space.  When I am mindful of this process, there are so many potentially positive alternatives to fill this new space with.  There are the basics – love, acceptance, compassion – depending on what I am “letting go” of. Or, I can just let the space be empty, let it be filled with what ever possibilities present themselves.  Remaining open after letting go allows me to open to the richness and potential of the moment, this moment.  Easier said than done?  You bet.  That is one of the many reasons why I call it “a practice,” because it is only by consciously engaging this concept over and over, that I hope to finally one day get it.


4 responses to ““Letting Go…”

  • aporia

    I really like this post because of the prevalence of the subject. I think it’s usually hard enough to know what exactly to let go of, let alone how. I hope you will follow up on the practice and thanks for sharing.

  • docmarc

    You are absolutely right, aporia. Knowing what to let go of and how to do it are a big part of my life practice. I find it is really about trying to foster that openness within ourselves. Thank you so much for your comment.

  • the psycho therapist

    “Just let it go” is more of a philosophy than an option. If it were possible to “just let go”, we’d all know freedom right now. Often our only real choice is to just let it be. — Ezra Bayda

    Man, did these words help me. Made the opaque quite clear.

    Yeah, it’s more about allowing whatever is to be present. Period.

    Like you were saying…

  • docmarc

    Great quote! It’s that combination of letting be, opening to whatever is, and relinquishing all thoughts and attempts at control. At once painful and liberating, as I suppose most growth is…

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