(cue the creepy orchestral music…)
I don’t know about you, but I am as giddy as a school boy about season 5 of LOST starting in less than 2 weeks. In fact, I can honestly say I am more excited than Sayid was to torture Sawyer when he thought Sawyer had Shannon’s inhaler… well maybe not THAT excited, but pretty damn tickled, thats for sure! Why do I love this show? Let me count the ways… (Incidentally, that is the fifth time I have used the three periods in a row.  That MUST violate some sort of code of grammatical good taste, or flaunt my lack of writing skill, or just show my love for the period!)

This show can best be described as televised crack.  It is horrendously addictive.  I am more than a little embarrassed (and a wee bit proud) to say that my wife and I made it through all four seasons in under 45 days!  I know, get a f*@#in’ life, but one episode a night turned into two, then three.  I think you recognize the pattern.  Lets face it, DVD is the best thing to ever happen to TV.  It allows obsessives like myself an opportunity to get our full geek on. Also, to watch the story in “real time” so to speak, without the interuption of commercials, or that looooong week between episodes, gives  the viewer an opportunity to get a full appreciation for the brilliant writing in a show like LOST, or Deadwood, or Six Feet Under. There is a beauty to the evolution of the individual characters, as well as the evolution of the dynamic that is created between those characters that really gets highlighted when viewed on DVD.  Plus, so much crazy, confusing  shit is happening at any given moment on this show that subtleties would inevetably be, dare I say it, LOST!

And I won’t even get into the fanboy frenzy of watching the two “sneak peaks” on abc.com, lets see, 4 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!

Speaking of fanboy frenzy, my wife and I were flying home from Vancouver the other day, and who do we see at the airport, none other than Daniel Dae Kim who plays Jin on LOST.  Once I got over my geek fueled giddiness, a thought occurred to me:  could this be a bad omen before getting on a plane?  “As long as we’re not flying Oceanic, I think we are OK,” my wise wife told me.


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