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We Did It!

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It’s A New World!

We Did It!!!!  The USA finally stepped up and showed that we are finally evolving, finally moving into the 21st century.

On election night, as I watched Obama’s victory speech, as I watched the Obama and Biden families together on that stage, in front of 100,000 strong, ultimately in front of the world, I wept.  It was only the third time in my life I cried tears of joy, and, let me tell you, I sobbed.  It was the fact that an African-American was now the President of our country.  It was the fact that it was THAT man, regardless of his skin color, who brings with him more hope and promise for the future than I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  It was the beginning of a restored trust in a system I had grown disillusioned with, like so many.  It was a lost sense of national pride, last felt in the days after the horror of 9/11/01, that I could feel statring to sprout again.  And it was imagining how the rest of the world was viewing us, possibly thinking “Finally!  They are getting it!”  Feeling the arms of the Global Community which we so arrogently and egocentrically shunned for the past eight years, beginning to open to embrace us once again.

It is indeed a whole new world, and if anyone thinks one man cannot make a difference, he already has.