My Kind Of Sunday Church

Last night, I went to the Rock and Soul Stew Revival (not to be confused with this) at the Masonic Auditorium.  The R & S S R is basically the Derek Trucks Band with Susan Tedeschi on vocals and guitar, a 3 piece horn section, and Duane Trucks on 2nd drum kit.  Man, can Derek Trucks play a guitar – he makes it sing, preach, cry, jam! I have sung the virtues of Derek Trucks here before, and I am sure I will do it again.  It is refreshing to see such a unique voice and such a stellar talent in music today.  He truly sounds like no other out there.  And Susan Tedeschi – is there really anything hotter than a woman playing a sizzlin’ wah-wah petal in high heels !?!?!?  And that’s not even mentioning her sultry blues moan!  Then throw in a ripping guest appearance by local guy Carlos Santana, and that’s just about as good as it gets.  Three Derek and the Dominos covers (I love their cover of ‘Anyday’), a couple of Band covers (opened with a smokin’ ‘Don’t Do It’), some great politically conscious originals by Susan, some great blues/jazz/soul = one amazing musical experience.

There is something about the Masonic I love.  I have seen a lot of great music there over the years and it is a beautiful auditorium, but the sound was a bit muddy for the first half of the show (and we were sitting dead-center, right behind the soundboard), and, man are those seats uncomfortable!  I don’t know, maybe that was just my aging ears and ass giving me the problem, although the sound did get better. 🙂  Great crowd, wide demographic, all ages.  SF Jazz audience.  The thing about an SF music audience is the musicians have to bring their A-game, but when they do, they will be showered in enthusiastic appreciation.  And they certainly were.


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