You Can Put An Egg On It…

I have always had this fantasy of having my own Food Network show. I would call it ‘Better With An Egg.’ Let me give you a little background… I have this peculiar food habit. Often times, while enjoying a good non-breakfast meal, I cannot help but envision the left-overs as either an egg scramble, or with a fried egg on top for breakfast the next morning. I’ll give you a couple of prime examples: Last night, I cooked a fat ribeye on the grill, and the wife made broiled fingerling potato fries and sautéed spinach. As I was in the midst of this delicious dinner, my mind kept drifting away from this juicy steak (sorry veggies!) that I was chowing down, towards just how good this all would be in a scramble. And let me tell you, it f@#$in’ rocked! I threw in a dollop of pesto with the leftovers this morning, scrambled it up with 5 eggs, and mmmmm!  Lucky for me, my wife is open-minded and somewhat adventurous when it comes to food, and I have definitely taken her into some unchartered food waters. ‘Well, I have never tried steak and eggs before.’  

The other perfect example is pizza. I LOVE pizza the next morning with a fried egg on top. It only makes it more nutritious, AND delicious! I guess my FN show would be somewhat limited, so maybe I could have Bobby Flay or Tyler or Rachel Ray guest each episode with their favorite egg-left-over-concoction.

Am I just weird to have this food preoccupation? My friends are aware of my predilection for egg-mixes, and are always amused, turning towards me at a meal and saying, ‘This is great, but it sure would be better with an egg on it! Then they laugh.  Only, most of the time I get excited and think ‘Now, why didn’t I think of that?’

Perhaps a restaurant might be a better idea…

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