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My iTunes Library By The Numbers

I stumbled across this on a very cool blog called My Brilliant Mistakes.  Cynthia asks for a breakdown of our iTunes libraries.  Being the music nut I am, I was more than game.  Here goes… (sorry about the funky formatting, and I don’t mean ‘funky’ in a cool James Brown type of way)

Total length: 8515 items, 42.1 days total time, 83.62 GB

First and last songs (by title):

“ABC,” The Jackson 5

6996-Club-Yohimbe,” The Yohimbe Brothers

Sort by time – shortest and longest:

“Success,” Pete Townshend (20 seconds)

“Tweezer,” Phish (1:18:44)

Sort by Album – first and last:

Acetates On The Tracks Vol. 1 (1962-1965) Bob Dylan

2007/05/03 New York City, NY – Highline Ballroom moe.

 Sort by Artist – first and last: AC/DC  311

Top five most played songs:

“Pass the Mic (Mike Nardone Remix),” Beastie Boys

I Will Survive,” Cake

That’s Life,” Frank Sinatra

“Badlands,” Bruce Springsteen

Son Of A Preacher Man,” Dusty Springfield

Honorable  Mention: “I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix)” Jackson 5


Find the following words. How many songs show up? Sex: 9 Death: 7 Love: 280 You: 767 Home: 93 Boy: 141 Girl: 36

extra credit – Jam: 643 

 First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle:

Promised Land – Grateful Dead

Selectah – Wede Man (Hoody Mix)

Want More – Bob Marley & The Wailers

12 – DJ Z-Trip & Radar

Cumbia De Los Muertos – Ozomatli 

And I will add – Last 5 songs played (on shuffle, of course.  Makes me feel like I am a program director at KDOC.  I know, can’t get much geekier):

Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones

Oh Atlanta – Little Feat

Soon Come – Peter Tosh

Boy (Girl) From Ipanema – Ella Fitzgerald

Over The Grapevine – Primus 

That was a blast!  A whole new way to get intimate with my tunes! 




 ©2008 Babble of Consciousness

  Just got back from a long weekend in Seattle.  What a great city!  We really lucked out with the weather – mostly clear, and even sunny at times!  A friend we visited up there assured us that this weather was, in fact, a freak occurrence.  The view from the top of the Space Needle was amazing, mountains and water all around.  I got my inner rock star on at the Experience Music Project, which is kind of like a mini R’n’R Hall of Fame West.  If in Seattle, and a music freak like myself, it’s a do-not-miss.  The food also rocked up there.  We had many great meals, stuffing ourselves like any good heathen on vacation should.  My wife carefully plotted out a food based itinerary, and she did not disappoint.  From the happy hour sliders and Alpine Martini at Cascadia, to the goat cheese-lavender fondue and coconut cream pie at the Palace Kitchen, to the pain au chocolat at Cafe Besalu and all the local and Belgian ales on tap at the Old Town Taproom, it was a foodies delight.  Another thing I really loved about Seattle was just how friendly everyone I came into contact with was.  I mean genuinely friendly.  And maybe I just happened to not run into anyone having a shitty day, but it was refreshing.  Fun city.