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The Tangled Webs We Weave


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Long time…

…no see.  Haven’t posted in quite a while.  Work got super busy (thankfully), but through the cracks of the current lull, the creative juices begin to percolate.  Saw some great music last weekend – Pat Metheny Trio at the new Yoshi’s in SF.  The show was amazing, of course.  PM is a guitarist of such epic magnitude, truly one of the all time greats.  And when 1/3 of the trio is Christian McBride, it only gets better.  The drummer, Antonio Sanchez, was up to par with the present company.  The rhythm communication flowing between drum and bass was captivating.  And, the new Yoshi’s f#%*in’ ROCKS!  It is beautiful, very thoughtfully and spaciously laid out.  Even my Guinness-on-tap was perfect!  (Got to have the picture perfect head/cascade action going on!)  Nothing like some great jazz to  simultaneously soothe and ignite the soul!