Living in the state of Hope

It is all too easy when anticipating a potential positivity, running the spectrum from a tasty meal, the promise of some great music, a much needed vacation to a truly life altering event, to get caught up in the idea of what we are anticipating.  I project myself into the ultimately unknown future, plopping myself in a custom fictionalization of what might be, what could be.  Often times, it is at the expense of savoring the anticipation itself.  And how delicious that can be, if I allow myself to really savor it.  Within the great unknown of the future is the exuberant,  childlike excitement that is in itself sooooo sweet.  ‘Will this really happen?’  ‘Will I really be able to grasp that?’  Who the fuck really knows.  But the excitement of what could be is worth embracing in the present moment.  Why concentrate on the destination, when the views right outside the window can be so beautiful. 


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