Desert Island Discs – 12/07 edition

1. Bitches Brew – Miles Davis

Groundbreaking, beautifully dissident brilliance.  With an all-star cast of some of the finest young talent in jazz – Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Wayne Shorter, Jack DeJohnette, etc., etc.

2. A Love Supreme – John Coltrane

Coltrane’s love letter to god – to me the very definition of spirituality committed to vinyl.  If a musician could reach down into the very depths of their soul and bear it for all the world to hear, it would sound like this.

3. Live At The Fillmore East – The Allman Brothers Band

 There are few bands in rock and roll who achieve the live synergy that the Allman’s did, and really still do, 35+ years later.  This chronicle of their 1971 Fillmore East run is such fine example of the musical journey they take the listener on, one minute gut wrenching blues, the next minute sublime jazz.  Great musicians truly merging and playing as one.

4. Exile On Main Street – The Rolling Stones

So simple, yet so beautiful.  Jagger and Richards are capable of taking basic blues and creating magic from it.  Every song rocks so hard.

 5. Dick’s Picks 12 – The Grateful Dead

1974 – imho the finest the band sounded – vocally, instrumentally, synergistically.  I should probably add, I have been a deadhead for 23+ years.  ’nuff said.   

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